Today made for some great family fun! I got to meet my new nephew Brody for the first time and spend time with my family. Everyone from my Dad’s side came over to eat and visit since Lance and I are in town. It is very rare that all of us are at the same place at the same time. The last time was at our wedding almost a year and a half ago! Family means everything to me and I’m so blessed to have the best.




I’m not going to lie this is a little challenging of a time. I’m just counting down the days until my procedure. I’m beyond ready to get this done and be recovered. The world better watch out once I get my body back! Lol I’ve been down way too long. (Don’t have back surgeries and your thyroid removed, friends! Because turns out past trauma to the nervous system and missing a thyroid can really take a toll on the human body. Lol) Not only does Lance pick up my slack when I can barely get out of bed but he works full time and just took on taking the CPA! With so much going on I’m so thankful that we can still make time for each other. We went to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch and per usual it was a great! We can’t wait to go back and sit outside next time. Hopefully by then it’ll be spring! I’m so ready to bust out the sundresses and spring hats.


We are back to our normal routine over here. My hubs is working and going to class while I take care of the house and whatever else I can do. We keep saying in 6 months (classes are over) we won’t be as busy but I don’t know what life has in store for us. Lol The home improvements are coming along slowly but surely! I haven’t shared too many photos of the inside because I’m waiting for it all to come together. It has to be perfect for my peeps. 🙂

Our mail lady brings Mac dog treats everyday. It’s so sweet.

I’m so ready for spring! Scarfs are in and I’m ready to wear them a million different ways!

Kind of feeling like Paula Deen 2.0 here! Lol

This post is very a.d.d. and I apologize for that… but anyways I’m counting on you guys to keep me busy since Lance will be in class. This is going to be tough but I’m so grateful for Lance and what he does for us.


The scs trial was a tease. A temporary implant was inserted from my lower back to mid back. It made all of the difference from my hips down. For the first time in I can’t remember how long, my body felt normal! I didn’t have any sharp shooting pains from my lower back to feet, my legs no longer felt tinder to the touch, I could walk without feeling like I was on pins and needles and my body no longer locked up. -Such great news! The only problem with the trial was that the wires hanging out of my back were super uncomfortable. It felt like a giant splinter back there the whole time it was in so I really didn’t get to enjoy what it would actually feel like.

Moving forward, I made the decision to have it be put in permanently. The procedure is in a month and I’m ready for it to be over with and be recovered already!

Side note: I know I lack excitement about this. It’s just been a really long road and I don’t want to give the scs credit until it’s shown to be successful for a good chunk of time. I will say that I have high hopes for it though!

Wow! It was such a Monday yesterday. I had my lead removed which put me back in my normal chronic pain. (at-least it won’t be for long) And Lance started his CPA! These next 6 months are gonna be busy! Haha.


I have decided to do the spinal cord stimulater trial to see if I would want the permanent version. This procedure has a high success rate for people with chronic pain and at this point I’m ready to do whatever it takes to get closer to a pain-free life.

The procedure wasn’t as easy as I had thought. My doctor had a hard time getting the lead in because of the curvature of my spine. It hurt more than normal but we got through it. There wasn’t instant relief when the scs was in. I could just tell where the tingling sensation was and Sean (boston scientific guy) worked with me to get it programmed.

side note: the next time they tell me I have to be fully conscious for a procedure i’ll refuse or self medicate. lol jk. But it may not have been as bad.

Day 1:

I didn’t notice any relief right away. I woke up feeling sore and in pain from the incision. I found that throughout the day I was doing little things differently. Like I got right out of bed (it normally takes me a while because my body is so locked up), I didn’t have any shooting pains down my legs, I could walk flat-footed, my legs don’t feel tinder to the touch anymore, I could walk longer distances without sitting down. So all is good!

The downfall is that I’m hurting from the procedure but I think I’ll feel more of a difference once that calms down. I’m also pretty uncomfortable with that giant pack thing on my back. But that’s just stating the obvious. So far so good!

Day 2:

I felt pretty good when I first woke up. I didn’t have any pain from the hips down so I was ready to take on the day! Unfortunately my eagerness caused me to crash early. My body still needs to catch up with the scs. The good news is that I know that the scs eliminated my pain. I’m just ready to get this thing in permanently, recover and then work towards getting my strength back.

Day 3:

Nothing has changed. I feel great from the hips down but my body hasn’t recovered yet from the procedure so I’ve been exhausted the whole trial.


I’m a blessed mess over here. Remember when I wrote a blog post about what to get your boo for Valentine’s Day!? Well.. I got the hubs something that wasn’t on that blog post! Lol He picked me up from the airport and had the afternoon off. We could not let the beautiful day go to waste! I knew I had reserved some money off to the side to buy Lance a gift from the ‘blog post list’ but I decided that taking my boo thang out would be more fun! With the surprise of him having the afternoon off we just got some free time to do so!

We went to this little cafe for the first time together. We picked out our orders and I handed over the plastic. This was the perfect place to just chill, talk and sleep. (see pic) Our conversation kept leading back to “When did we become grown-ups!?” Lol but really! And then we proceeded to try to find grey hairs in our heads. (One of us succeeded)

As my gift, Lance had a bouquet of flowers arranged for me. Call it cliche but I love flowers! My husband is pretty much the best for communicating with a florist for customizing an arrangement for me. He’s way too kind! Since I haven’t been feeling my best lately we ate and watched Netflix in bed. It was a valentine and chill kind of night and nothing short of perfect. Tell me about yalls Valentines Day!? And share your chocolate with me. Haha


My husband left to go help some friends move. Before he left the house he enabled the alarm system out of habit. When I opened the door to let the pup out the alarm went off. I was like -no biggie, I’ll just disable it real quick. The alarm silenced and I went about my business.

A little later a knock came at the front door. Mac (our fluffy pup) charged to the door. I just thought it was another amazon package. (spoiler alert: it wasn’t) I looked out the peep hole and couldn’t see anything. I was on my way to put my jacket on when the door bell rang again. I looked out and saw nothing. I opened the door and was immediately asked “are you ok” by a man in uniform. Complete shock was on my face when he said that they got called to come from our alarm system. Turns out I typed in the passcode to signal the police to come while the alarm system appeared to “turn off”. (Oops!)

I told the officer I was very sorry that I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen again; but then I cut my conversation short and just went straight into thanking him for doing an excellent job!! I told him I was sorry but this little mishap made me feel safe as a new home owner. Right then I saw another person from the corner of my eye come around the corner. Another police officer! Wow! I smiled even bigger. These guys have it together!

What a great home decision we have made and yes, I know the correct passcode now. Lol