I grew up thinking that ‘Third Sunday’ was a holiday, that’s how special this day is to my family. It’s our annual family reunion. Since I can remember I’ve looked forward to this day. I would buy a new dress to wear and show up with an empty belly because I knew I was about to eat the best meal of the year! This year was a little different. It was only one day of family visiting instead of two. (thanks covid19) Normally on Saturday we would go to Keith and Deb’s house and then on Sunday we meet up Pleasant Home Baptist Church. This year it was at Aunt Shirley’s house on Saturday. We had a smaller crowd and kept it outside. (thanks again covid19) When I say it’s the best meal of the year I mean it. All home grown produce picked and made the days leading up to Third Sunday. Although this year wasn’t as big as normal we all left with a full belly and even fuller hearts.

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