The hubs and I share the same birthday. We like to try to get out and travel somewhere new for our day! We drove up to Fredricksburg, VA this year. It was a quick day trip with my loves to see what the city about an hour away is like. It was right up our alley- Sweet and charming.


I dragged the doods in and out of boutiques and antique/thrift shops. That’s basically what the town was filled with, which is fine by me!


I found some bath goodies at this shop. I’m a sucker for hand crafted bath products and this store was filled with them! They even make their products at the shop and you can watch them do it.


We stopped for a ”large snack” at this local resturant.


Mac thought his water bowl was somewhere cool to sit I guess….


Before heading out we stumbled into this book store. wow- It was adorable! It had endless books upstairs, downstairs and everywhere in between. Everytime you turned a corner you were greeted by a cozy chair begging you to sink in with a good read. We got this handsome nerd a book and t-shirt and headed back home. He’s easy to please- no fancy bath balms required.


I’m just so happy to be 28 and feeling great! For the first time in my life I’m no longer living in chronic pain. This year is going to be my best year yet. I can just feel it. 💗


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