It’s been three days since my spinal cord simulator proceedure. My body is still extremely weak and in pain from it but I have a good feeling that life is about to change for the better! (But to be honest, I’m a little scared to get ahead of myself) For the first time in a while my chronic pain was gone. I hurt from the incisions but the deep sharp pain I felt all the way to the inside of my bone is gone!!!!!! I’ve been fighting pain my whole life but the chronic pain that disabled me, I’ve been fighting for about 3 years. Lance and I went on a short slow walk and I couldn’t stop smiling because I was walking with no chronic pain. Just the normal pain from an operation. Magic, right!?!


Ok… I was going to make a blog post of how my overall procedure went but I’m still so early in the recovery process. I’m supposed to only do very light things for the next six weeks but I so badly want to take off! As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, it’s nothing short of magical! Today the only pain I had was from where my surgeon put the battery implant in at. He said that it was harder to put in me because I didn’t have any fat to hide it in. This will probably be the only time in my life that I wished for bigger love handles. Lol! The other two incisions from where the lead was put in feel fine. I kept telling my Nana and Husband that I feel like the little mermaid when she gets her legs for the first time. I mean it’s crazy!! The simple things in life like walking is no longer hard to do anymore and I don’t know what to do with myself. Actually…. I decided the best thing for me to do is walk around Home Goods. I even brought Mac! (lucky dog) Pun intended. An hour went by and I realized that I was perfectly fine. Before this procedure if I could make it out shopping I would only be able to stay a short time before my body would completely give out on me from pain and just exhaustion. I mean like BAM! I would hit a brick wall. I found myself in there for a few hours just doing normal people shopping things. My Nana and Husband kept reminding me that I’m supposed to be taking it easy. I will admit that I am running off of a little lot of adrenaline. I really can’t blame myself for probably doing too much though because I feel like I just got this brand new body!! I mean wow! Medical technology can be so good! I promise that I will take more time to rest in the next few days.


If you’re reading my blog post then you know that I’m not resting! April fools! Gotcha ya. 😉 I have been following my doctors orders. I’m just having a really hard time sitting still. Patience. is. hard.


It’s been one week since my surgery! I was pretty exhausted today but all is going well. Everyday feels like the best day of my life! Forever thankful.


I didn’t realize when I started this post that I would be able to feel the affects of the surgery so quickly. I figured I would blog to let everyone know how it was going along the way. So if you read this blog post then thank you for letting me share my happiness with you. 🙂


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