We are back to our normal routine over here. My hubs is working and going to class while I take care of the house and whatever else I can do. We keep saying in 6 months (classes are over) we won’t be as busy but I don’t know what life has in store for us. Lol The home improvements are coming along slowly but surely! I haven’t shared too many photos of the inside because I’m waiting for it all to come together. It has to be perfect for my peeps. 🙂

Our mail lady brings Mac dog treats everyday. It’s so sweet.

I’m so ready for spring! Scarfs are in and I’m ready to wear them a million different ways!

Kind of feeling like Paula Deen 2.0 here! Lol

This post is very a.d.d. and I apologize for that… but anyways I’m counting on you guys to keep me busy since Lance will be in class. This is going to be tough but I’m so grateful for Lance and what he does for us.

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