I have decided to do the spinal cord stimulater trial to see if I would want the permanent version. This procedure has a high success rate for people with chronic pain and at this point I’m ready to do whatever it takes to get closer to a pain-free life.

The procedure wasn’t as easy as I had thought. My doctor had a hard time getting the lead in because of the curvature of my spine. It hurt more than normal but we got through it. There wasn’t instant relief when the scs was in. I could just tell where the tingling sensation was and Sean (boston scientific guy) worked with me to get it programmed.

side note: the next time they tell me I have to be fully conscious for a procedure i’ll refuse or self medicate. lol jk. But it may not have been as bad.

Day 1:

I didn’t notice any relief right away. I woke up feeling sore and in pain from the incision. I found that throughout the day I was doing little things differently. Like I got right out of bed (it normally takes me a while because my body is so locked up), I didn’t have any shooting pains down my legs, I could walk flat-footed, my legs don’t feel tinder to the touch anymore, I could walk longer distances without sitting down. So all is good!

The downfall is that I’m hurting from the procedure but I think I’ll feel more of a difference once that calms down. I’m also pretty uncomfortable with that giant pack thing on my back. But that’s just stating the obvious. So far so good!

Day 2:

I felt pretty good when I first woke up. I didn’t have any pain from the hips down so I was ready to take on the day! Unfortunately my eagerness caused me to crash early. My body still needs to catch up with the scs. The good news is that I know that the scs eliminated my pain. I’m just ready to get this thing in permanently, recover and then work towards getting my strength back.

Day 3:

Nothing has changed. I feel great from the hips down but my body hasn’t recovered yet from the procedure so I’ve been exhausted the whole trial.

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