I’m a blessed mess over here. Remember when I wrote a blog post about what to get your boo for Valentine’s Day!? Well.. I got the hubs something that wasn’t on that blog post! Lol He picked me up from the airport and had the afternoon off. We could not let the beautiful day go to waste! I knew I had reserved some money off to the side to buy Lance a gift from the ‘blog post list’ but I decided that taking my boo thang out would be more fun! With the surprise of him having the afternoon off we just got some free time to do so!

We went to this little cafe for the first time together. We picked out our orders and I handed over the plastic. This was the perfect place to just chill, talk and sleep. (see pic) Our conversation kept leading back to “When did we become grown-ups!?” Lol but really! And then we proceeded to try to find grey hairs in our heads. (One of us succeeded)

As my gift, Lance had a bouquet of flowers arranged for me. Call it cliche but I love flowers! My husband is pretty much the best for communicating with a florist for customizing an arrangement for me. He’s way too kind! Since I haven’t been feeling my best lately we ate and watched Netflix in bed. It was a valentine and chill kind of night and nothing short of perfect. Tell me about yalls Valentines Day!? And share your chocolate with me. Haha

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