My husband left to go help some friends move. Before he left the house he enabled the alarm system out of habit. When I opened the door to let the pup out the alarm went off. I was like -no biggie, I’ll just disable it real quick. The alarm silenced and I went about my business.

A little later a knock came at the front door. Mac (our fluffy pup) charged to the door. I just thought it was another amazon package. (spoiler alert: it wasn’t) I looked out the peep hole and couldn’t see anything. I was on my way to put my jacket on when the door bell rang again. I looked out and saw nothing. I opened the door and was immediately asked “are you ok” by a man in uniform. Complete shock was on my face when he said that they got called to come from our alarm system. Turns out I typed in the passcode to signal the police to come while the alarm system appeared to “turn off”. (Oops!)

I told the officer I was very sorry that I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen again; but then I cut my conversation short and just went straight into thanking him for doing an excellent job!! I told him I was sorry but this little mishap made me feel safe as a new home owner. Right then I saw another person from the corner of my eye come around the corner. Another police officer! Wow! I smiled even bigger. These guys have it together!

What a great home decision we have made and yes, I know the correct passcode now. Lol

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