Happy New Year, Friends! I’m so excited about 2019. This is going to be the best year yet! I’ve been having the hardest time managing all of my medical problems but this is the year they stop defeating me. I’ve been fighting a battle of thyroid problems, fibromyalgia and arachnoiditis. From the outside looking in I may seem fine (or so I hope lol) but I have been struggling. Post thyroid removal my body has been a wreck. It feels like I never know how I’ll wake up feeling. Sometimes I wake up feeling ok-ish. Other days I wake up without any energy, in excruciating pain (arachnoiditis, fibromyalgia and scoliosis) or both at the same time. It’s like my body turned into a bag of bricks overnight. All in the meantime I would push through the day as hard as I could but eventually I would crash. This made it hard to live a normal schedule and a lot of frustration. After seeing a series of doctors and a whole lot of trial and error, I’d say I’m at a point now where I can make a change. My goal is to keep everything on schedule so when I have “bad days” it won’t mess up the everyday flow of life. Lance has been the absolute best during this time but it kills me when I feel like I fail him. More days than I want to admit he would have to pick up my slack all while carrying a full time job and getting his MBA. He’s crazy awesome, I know!! It has taken so long to figure my health problems out and although they aren’t fully figured out I’m so excited for the lifestyle change. I’ve planned the whole month of January out. I’m hoping that I can accomplish this months goals and take on more in the future!

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