I still can’t believe we are officially home owners tomorrow!! I’ve been looking at houses to buy on zillow for a while. When I fell in love with the town Lance works at I knew I wanted to be there. After living in an apartment that was actually close to Lance’s work has been awesome! His drive to work is short and he can come home to grab lunch. I somehow got lance on the house hunt with me. He did not want to break our lease at our apartment but he told me if we can ‘break even’ then he’d consider it. haha. Typical accountant as a husband. Well, Lance found this house on zillow. It was love at first walk through. I kept thinking to myself “this is the exact set up I want.”- big enough to entertain but not too big that it will take too much work to keep clean. My pain and fatigue hasn’t been doing great recently so I didn’t want to give myself too much I can’t handle. The downstairs has everything we need on a daily basis. -kitchen, larger living room for guests, a master bed & bath, laundry room and a half bath. The upstairs has a huge bathroom and two spare rooms. I want one room to be for our guests! We love having our family and friends over. And can we just talk about the porches!! SCORE!! I can’t wait to get patio furniture out there. Now that we fell in love with this house we had to make an offer. Lance worked vigorously to come up with it. We offered. After a nervous few days of tweaking a few things it all worked out for the best! WE GOT THE HOUSE!! All God’s Plan!! Not only did we get the house but we got many blessings that came with it. -Lance’s commute to work is only 3 miles, the previous homeowners were so kind and even let us keep some of the previous furniture in the house, Our church is in the area and Mac gets a yard!! We are so happy and feeling so blessed. We can’t wait for our friends and family to come stay at the Millione Mansion. Yes. I just did that. It’s not a mansion in size but it’s a mansion in my eyes. hahaha ok. i need to go to bed now. lol I hope everyone is having a good Christmas season!! Stay warm. It’s a winter wonderland up here!!

Feel free to follow along my blog and give me input. 🙂


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