We haven’t even moved in yet and I’m all ready trying to pick paint colors! Patience is hard, y’all. Everyone keeps asking to see pictures of the house but oddly enough I didn’t have many good photos of it. When Lance and I went by it today I was sure to take pictures to share! This is what it looks like now. It’s a 3 bed 2 1/2 bath. I can’t wait to get in it and make it ours! Feel free to share any tips that could be helpful during this whole process. First time home buyers over here!



I love how big the garage/basement is! I’ll have a space to do projects!


The front and back porches sold me! I hope everyone is ready for cook outs! I want to get a bed swing like this so bad!


spare bedroom/office (top floor)


other spare bedroom/office (top floor)


This is what you see when you come through the front door.


Our bedroom!


Selfie in our future bathroom! Lance’s face says “What did I just get myself into”. lol


Kitchen! This is where I need all the ideas! I want to take off the side bar thing that the garbage bags are on. Not sure what colors or what to do.


Living Room! I love that we are getting a fireplace! It’s gas and the white thing is going.


Kitchen/Dining area. This is my favorite view! It looks into our backyard.

The back yard is currently a jungle but eventually i’ll get to see it. Bring your chain-saws over, folks!

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