How could I not buy these adorable diy gingerbread houses from Target!? I didn’t even have to try to convince Lance to do this project! We pretty much forced our friends Hailey and David to do these with us. But I think they had a good time. hahahaha.

Our houses from left to right: Me, Lance, Hailey and David.


  • My house: I finished my house first! I was going for a winter wonderland theme.
  • Lance: Is about to graduate with a MBA but couldn’t figure out how to put a gingerbread house together. But he got through it after a few collapsed walls and finished strong! All the gumdrops add great character. haha
  • Hailey: She got the hardest house to put together but made it work! It’s super cute!!
  • David: Treated this project like it was his own house. Those walls aren’t falling down in any blizzard! Haha

Fun Fact: Both David and I could turn our houses upside down and they wouldn’t budge. Icing Game Strong!


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