Yes, you read that right. This is a list of things I think our fur babies should have. They are basically our children and need gifts under the tree too, right! If you’re anything like me the thought “What should I get my dog for Christmas?” ran through you’re head. Or maybe that’s just me. Anyways, here is a list of dog gifts approved by Mac (my dog) and I.

  • This book! Mac has it!! I picked it up for him in a shop when we were in California! He picks up pretty quickly and loves to impress friends with his new tricks.


  • BARKBOX! It’s the cutest! It’s a themed goodie box for your dog! The quality is good and the themes add so much fun! If you get the book then you also should get the barkbox because it’ll keep you supplied with treats for training! fullsizeoutput_1317
  • Dog seat hammock. You know everytime you have to put your dirty dog in your car it means your car also needs a bath! You can prevent that with this seat cover. We love ours. Mac thinks it’s his special seat or something. lol


  • Dog cookies! These are Mac’s all time faves! Lance even ate one and said it tasted good. Don’t ask. We (Mac and maybe Lance) have tried all flovors and have liked them all!


  • Dog antlers. I haven’t seen a reindeer dog that wasn’t adorable! Every Christmas pup needs some ears! Especially if your fur baby is rather large and can’t fit into most dog sweaters. lol


Ok. I’ll stop here bofore my dog lovin’ self gets out of hand. We are crazy dog lovers over here! Especially after Mac. He has been great during thyroid cancer treatment and chronic pain problems. Happy Holidays, Friends! Share all of your Christmas pet pics with me!


Meg & Mac

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