We will get to THE BUDGET later… For now here is a picture of our adorable family with our short haircuts! One of us looks better with more hair though…. Mac! I also just got the fanciest tri-pod and wanted to play with it by using my self-timer. The lighting was horrible, the models were mediocre but the company was great!


THE GOOD NEWS is that i’m feeling much better today! I haven’t been my best this past week and a half so it was nice to wake up feeling somewhat not half zombie like. lol I did ALL of my favorite things today!! Amber and I started off strong at Cracker Barrell. After my overload of delicious carbs I got some to-go biscuits and stuffed a mini syrup in my purse. shhhhhh…. (I’m turning into an old lady.) To make up for our heavy eating we went on a long walk inside (it was raining outside) at Home Goods. It was a great decision. We really wanted to go for a longer walk but we had to refuel ourselves with energy at Starbucks in Target. We took long slow walks in Target. Before we knew it we had practically planned our Christmas this year. Way to go us! Over achievers!


Lance put us on a budget. Personally, I think I was saving him money with all of my bargaining but I guess he was getting a little too out of control. Let me remind you that I married an accountant/almost MBA graduate. (gahh i’m so proud of him) So basically I get four cards every month from https://akimbocard.com  dedicated to certain expenses. – A gas card, home goods card, meaghan misc. card and a grocery card. Lance gets all the same cards as me except I only get the home goods card. We are on day one of this and so far so good. haha.

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