I did a thing! I chopped my hair off! (before you freak out you need to know that I do have a cosmetology license) I started off in the bathroom trimming my hair and that just led to me being so over it that I chopped it all off. I was thinking that I would cut it short and just let it grow out healthier but now I want to keep short! I feel more sassy! How is that even possible!? I should have done this a while ago. It dries in record speed and doesn’t take nearly as long to shampoo. I’m all for making my life easier these days. (work smarter not harder. lol) But other than my new do’, we spent most of the weekend at Maymont Park. I have Hailey to thank for showing me around this park. IT’S THE MOST MAGICAL PLACE. Trust me. We went two days in a row because we couldn’t get enough! When we weren’t at the park we were home baking all the fall goodies. pumpkin cheesecakeapple coffee cake and my mother in laws banana nut bread! I’m assuming they were a big hit since all of them got ate up so quickly. haha I also picked up groceries from Kroger clicklist. I’m trying some of their fall recipes this week. Let’s hope they taste as good as they sound. 🙂


sun-roof cruisin!


hubba hubba! that’s my lovaaaa.


Yes, the leafs are THAT orange!


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