I was dying to get out to the Appomattox Manor again ever since I left it the first time. I decided I needed to see it at sunrise. Not much will get me out of bed that early so you can imagine how much I love this place! I darted out the door this morning to chase the sunrise. Lance almost had to pinch himself when he saw me wide awake this morning. It was so worth the lack of sleep.


So recently i’ve been feeling like we need a home. We rent now but you can only make it feel like “your home” to a certain extent. As much as i’ve enjoyed living here i’m ready for the next step. There really isn’t any rush but I like browsing the housing market just to see what’s out there. I found what I thought was THE home. It was every bit of charm I have dreamed of. The amount of work/money it would take to be livable just didn’t add up. It wasn’t for us but I can’t stop thinking about how much character and beauty it has.


The whole reason i’m on my laptop right now is because I told the ‘flower guy’ I would send him these pictures. The ‘flower guy’ is a man I met on my way home from the house showing. He has a booth he sets up on the side of the road with buckets of flowers from his greenhouse. We chatted a bit and I told him I would send him these photos. He handed me his business card and now I can’t find it. The good news is that i’ll be going back next thursday in the morning because that’s when he brings out the fresh cut flowers before they are all bought up. See ya then flower guy!


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