Lance and I completely forgot about the cake and wine we had saved from our wedding and honeymoon to indulge in for our one year anniversary. The top tier of our wedding cake was being frozen in a big pink box in our freezer. It was so hard not to eat everytime I saw it. We also had a bottle of wine stashed at the top of our cabinets to keep safe until time open. outta sight, outta mind. right!? Well….. We both completely forgot about them!! I remebered about a week after our one year anniversary. Between all of the normal everyday life things, fortnite (LANCE!) and football ( also LANCE!)  we (ME) put together a little anniversary dinner. I tried to go with an Italian theme meal since we were in Venice for our honeymoon. I made risotta for the first time and the wine and cake seemed to pair well with it. But then again… What doesn’t pair well with cake or wine….

Mac in a bowtie because Mac.



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