DAY 1: 

We made it to California! First reaction- WOW! It feels so nice outside. The sun is shining, the air is crisp and there is no humidity! (hello good hair days!) Aunt Maureen and Uncle Elias were so kind in letting us stay with them in their home. It was the first time I got to meet them and baby Daisy too! Did I mention we rented a Mustang convertible during our stay!? Nothing felt more Californian than cruising around in a Stang with the top down!


DAY 2: 

We spent the first half of the day driving through the area enjoying the scenery and stopping into a few shops. One shop we stopped at was See’s Chocolate! The second half of the day was filled with meeting new family members. I enjoyed every minute of it. I kind of slacked on the picture taking… too busy visiting!


The matching outfits story….

I bought Lance and I matching outfits when I was at the mall last week. I found this dress I really liked and when I was on my way to the cash register I saw that the mens’ section had a shirt in the same print as my dress! I laughed when I showed Lance what I bought us. We get kicks out of being super corny! To make it even better, I was at my aunts house ironing my dress when my cousin, Lizi was like “omg! I have the same print as your dress in a top!” She freaked out when I told her that Lance had a matching shirt too! Moments later Lizi started busting out laughing when she realized baby Daisy has the print in a jumpsuit also! We all agreed it would be epic to wear our matching outfits on the same day.


DAY 3:

We drove over to San Francisco and did most of the San Francisco things! We started at Fisherman’s Wharf. They had all kinds of shops and resturants. We ate at one with a view of Alcatraz. We played a few carnival games, bought a few souvenirs and watched the sea lions. They were adorable! The next stop was the Golden Gate Bridge. We drove over it and took a few pics of it. #tourist The coolest place to drive was down Lombard St. There weren’t too many people so Lance drove down it for a second time and I snapped his picture at the bottom. Before we left, we stopped by to see The Painted Ladies.


DAY 4: 

I wasn’t feeling my best today so we just sat around outside most of the day. Lance and I couldn’t get over how pretty the weather was in San Jose. It was a bit chilly at night and in the morning but during the day it was perfect: clear skys, no humidity, and warm with no bugs! We took a drive later that evening to try to find some redwoods. We found some but not ones that were super big.


DAY 5: 

Aunt Maureen and Uncle Elias bought us tickets for the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. We relived our young days and went for it! We had so much fun eating the sugariest snacks, playing the games and riding the rides. It was going really well until my husband dragged me on The Big Dipper. I left that ride and headed straight for the bathroom. Luckily, we had done so much before that so we didn’t feel too bad leaving a little early.


DAY 6:

Lance wanted to show me Carmel. We booked a room for the night and it was a little expensive. When we went to see the city of Carmel, the streets were blocked off for some of the cars that were a part of Pebble Beach’s Concours d’Elegance car show. That’s why our room was so expensive! But we loved walking through all the fancy cars dreaming away. We even managed to get into a Astin Martin event. woot woot! My favorite part of the day was Pebble Beach! It was beutiful! It was too chilly to get in but watching the waves crash and seeing a sea lion or two made it one of my new faves. I wanted to stay longer!



Day 7: 

This was our last day. We enjoyed spending time with the family. I couldn’t wait to get home to see Mac! Here are a few flower pics from Aunt Maureen’s and Uncle Elias’ garden. Such a fun vacation! I want to go back 🙂


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