WARNING: This post is nothing more than a story of two pup friends. All of you non crazy dog lovers need to get outta here! 😀

Max is Mac’s best dog friend here in Richmond! It’s pretty great that Max lives in the same apartment complex as us and comes over for daily playtime. Max’s dog parents are almost as crazy dog parents as Lance and me so that automatically makes us friends! Lance and I took both pups to City Park yesterday (I know most people bring their kids but we bring our dogs lol).  It runs right along the Appomatox River. Mac is a huge lover of being in the water. He showed Max what he was missing out on. It was non-stop craziness from the time we arrived until we left. So much running, jumping, chasing, wrestling, splashing, swimming, and fetching. I WISH I HAD THEIR ENERGY! But I was able to snap some shots of these boys having the time of their lives while trying to avoid the “spash zone”.


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