ok, so I wasn’t going to be that crazy of a dog mom and post about the first time we met Mac but it was one of the best days so why not. 🙂

After moving to Lynchburg my puppy fever was so high. I wanted a dog so bad! Lance kept telling me no and gave me a million reasons why a dog wouldn’t work in our life but I had my heart set on it. Maybe it was the million pictures I kept showing him or all the reasons why we should have one that made him budge. oh, did I mention that i’m allergic to pretty much every animal!?! This made it tough. Every single weekend for months we went to our local animal shelter to try and find a dog. We would pick out ones that looked somewhat hypo, took him/her to a room to play with, fall in love and then I would break out in hives. I went through so much Benadryl during this time. I have had a few enconters with goldendoodles in the past so I knew that breed was good for me. I kept searching online for rescues of that breed or ones to adopt. They were always already adopted by the time I found one or just too expensive. We still kept going to the animal shelter and checking their page non stop. I thought my dreams were crushed. It was on the way back from our DC trip when I found some goldendoodle puppies online for a somewhat decent price. I sent an email to the breeder to see if they were still available. They were! I was over the moon to go meet these puppies. Lance wouldn’t let me get too excited because it just didn’t make sense that they were so inexpensive compared to other ones. He figured something might be wrong and not to get my hopes up. I was still beaming with excitement. We drove an hour to go meet these puppies. We got out of the car and was greeted by the sweetest southern lady. She had three puppies in her home. two boys and one girl. Lance wanted a boy dog. I didn’t care. I just wanted a dog. haha We met Mac’s brother first. He was the biggest one of the bunch. He wasn’t too much into us. He kind of seemed like he liked to do his own thing. I found him super adorable though. And then there was Mac. He came running/hopping up to us with his tail wagging as soon as we laid eyes on him. It was love at first sight. He was the one. We had to wait a week until he was old enough to pick up. That week lasted forever. We spent the time preparing for our new baby. We bought everything we thought he needed and picked out a name for him. (who thought agreeing on a dog name would be so hard) The breeder sent me tons of pictures of Mac during that week. When we picked Mac up she was so heartbroken to see him go. I did mange to keep her updated on him though. I can’t imagine life without our fur baby. He is the perfect fit in our little family. I told you a dog would be good, Lance. 🙂


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