July 3rd and 4th we spent at Virginia Beach celebrating our good friend, Josh’s birthday. Josh’s wife, Tatiana, planned the surprise party and everything with off without a hitch. She called me weeks prior to see if we would be intersested in joining them to go the beach overnight to surprise Josh for his birthday. I don’t think she got the whole sentence out before I exclaimed “YES!”. Josh had no idea! She just told him what to pack in an overnight bag. Despite all the questins Tatiana got from Josh, she didn’t budge. She sent Lance and I a comprehensive itenerary of what would be taking place. Lance and I were pumped to be apart of this! The first stop on the agenda was for Lance and I to be picked up on the way. (Josh thought we were still out of town in DC so when she drove through our town he did’t think we had anything to do with it.) They pulled up at our house and he was pumped to know we were going with them (wherever that was). We all loaded up in the car to head to our destination. It was so fun watching the anticipation Josh had and catching up on life with each other. As we pulled up at Virginia Beach, Josh was talking about how much he loves the infinity pool at the top of the Hilton and always wanted to stay there. SURPRISE! That’s where we stayed! He couldn’t stop freaking out. We were all giddy and so happy that everything was going according to plan. The rest of the night was filled with soaking in the roof top pool, watching a warm rich sunset, ¬†fancy dinner reservations with a surprise guest (Richard is an old friend of Josh’s), and lots of dancing and singing throughout the night. Even though we only got 5 hours of sleep, our eagerness of the days festivities sprung us out of bed. That is, aside from Josh, who sleeps like a rock. Tatiana had to basically drag him out of bed. He didn’t know we weren’t done celebrating his birthday, and we were ready to keep going! We filled our bellies with breakfast, headed up for some more fun in the sun at the infinity pool and waited for the BIG SURPRISE! When it was time, we checked out and headed to our next location. We pulled up at a dock for Tatiana to go into a booth that said “Parasailing” on the sign. ¬†His eyes bulged out of his head! “NO WAY! DO I REALLY GET TO GO PARASAILING?!?” He was so pumped! This was something he always wanted to do. Josh and Lance went up while Tatiana and I stayed on the boat. By seeing them wave their hands around in excitement up in the air; we could tell they were loving it! The rest of the trip that’s all they were talking out. For lunch we ate another of Josh’s favorite restaurants that Tiana has planned for us to eat at. We stuffed our bellies with all the seafood and ended our day relaxing at Ocean View beach. The trip was so much fun. Seeing Josh’s face light up with excitement every time he found out what he would be doing was priceless. Tatiana hit his surprise birthday trip out of the park!


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