Today was a pretty simple Saturday. Lance, Mac and I were headed to get lunch in Scott’s Addition, but we got distracted when we saw a cluster of cars parked along side the road. What was going on?! We had stumbled upon a block party with food trucks and draft brews. Mac was a happy camper because he got all the pets and helped pick up any food that made it’s way to the ground. On our way home I found this store I had to stop at. I loved the name of it! It’s called Class and Trash! It had everything from funky furniture to modern day decor. I tried not to ponder too long since the boys were with me but I’ll have to go alone sometime when I have hours to dig for treasure. Oh! And about the banana….

A banana is a sign of goodluck for MSU baseball. It has been coined “Rally Banana.” So now every MSU fans keeps a banana close at hand during their baseball games. -Lance


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