It was love at first sight when I discovered The Fan in Richmond, Va. This charming residential area is made up of tree-lined avenues, vibrantly colored homes and a few local shops sprinkled in between. It felt like I was strolling past life size doll houses with a canopy of brightly colored spring blooms over me. I have never seen so many flowers in my life and I couldn’t get enough. Normally I’m a big fan of cherry blossoms but I think the dogwoods won me over! (or wait.. do I have to pick a fave? I love them all!) The Fan district anytime of year is gorgeous but I think the spring blooms are the icing on the cake!

fullsizeoutput_10dfDSC_1023DSC_1029fullsizeoutput_10e2fullsizeoutput_10e3fullsizeoutput_10e8BRB. painting my door yellow and planting a dogwood tree. ❤

fullsizeoutput_10e9Right before I had to use all my strength to hold my dog back all because he wanted to befriend a cat.

fullsizeoutput_10eafullsizeoutput_10ecDSC_1068fullsizeoutput_10eefullsizeoutput_10efStained glass windows!?! YES PLEASE!


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