The Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C. is something I’ve been dreaming of going to ever since I moved to Virginia and fell in love with the cherry blossom trees. When my husband booked this trip we had no idea what stage the tress would be in. We got lucky because they were in peak bloom by the time we made it out there! How cool! We spent the whole weekend at the festival walking around the Tidal Basin and gazing at the fluffy, pink blooms. I could do this everyday and never get tired of it. It took us a long time to walk everywhere because I had to take tons of pictures and we kept getting stopped by people who wanted to see Mac. People even wanted to take pictures with him! At one point there was a line of people lined up to have their picture taken in front of the cherry blossoms with him. haha. Mac loved the attention and Lance and I got a good kick out of it. This trip was one of my favorites! There is nothing better than walking through a pink wonderland with my favorite boys. I’m so ready to go back next year!


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