Cheers to one year living in Virginia!

Cheers to one year living in Virginia!

It has been about year since I moved to Lynchburg, Va. I’m not sure on the exact date when I moved up here but my timehop on facebook has let me know that it was about this time. (lol) It didn’t take me long after Lance proposed to get me moved up here. I’m pretty sure as soon as I got back from visiting him I started planning my move up. In only a matter of weeks I had everything I owned packed into boxes and ready to go! It was bittersweet saying my goodbyes to my friends and family to start a new chapter in my life. I lived in Pensacola, Fl area my whole life so this was a pretty big step for me to live that far away from everything i’ve always known. But I was ready. I just knew I wanted to be with Lance and didn’t hesitate to get my stuff together as quickly as possible. haha The day of the move I loaded all my stuff in my car (it’s only a two door mustang so you can imagine how jammed packed it was) and drove twelve hours straight to my new home! I’m falling more in love with this area a everyday. Lynchburg has been really good to me. If only it had a beach then i’d be set! 😉


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