Richmond for Valentines Day

Richmond for Valentines Day

I’m so lucky that Lance likes to go new places as much as I do! The weekend before Valentines Day we had a mini getaway to Richmond, Va. We got dressed up for dinner and a ballet the first night. We ate at this resturant downtown called Bistro Bobettes. The food was some of the best i’ve had and it looked just as good as it tasted! We walked over to the Carpenter Theatre at Dominion Arts Center for A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM put on by THE RICHMOND BALLET AND SYMPHONY. Those dancers and musicians were seriously so talented that I felt like I was watching a Broadway. We eneded our night with a night cap at The Tabacco Company Resturant. The building used to be a tabacco warehouse and now it’s a 3 story leafy, brassy, antiques-filled resturant with a big open center. It for sure had a fun look to it.

We couldn’t leave the next day until we got Brunch! We headed over to Lulu’s. It was packed but when I had the first bite of my food I could understand why! The brunch there was so good! We walked around for a little bit before we decided to head back home.









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