Fridays Are For Club Meetings

Fridays Are For Club Meetings

So funny story…. Mac and I were on our daily afternoon walk. It was a Friday afternoon about a month or so ago. We were walking on the sidewalk and stumbled into a group of people gathered in front of the stairs downtown. The crowd seemed to be older and most of them wear wearing some kind of millitary attire. I was immediently greeted by an older gentleman telling me that he was glad I came.  I just smiled and nodded. I had no idea what I had walked into. Another gentleman came over to me to shake my hand and dropped a coin into it. He told me “this is the coin we give to our first timmers.” I looked at the coin and noticed this was a non-profit organization that supports our troops. Everyone was so nice there. There were cookies and coffee that we were welcomed to Everytime Mac passed someone with a cookie they would break some off to give to him. haha. During the announcements the gentleman on the mic said “We have a new person with us today. Meaghan would you please stand.”. (I about died!) I stood and everyone one clapped. (I’m sure my face had turned bright red!) We said our goodbyes and the response I got every time was “Thanks for coming, hopefully we will see you next Friday.” Now Mac and I walk down every Friday to be apart of a wonderful group of men and women who support our troops.




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