It’s the last day of the year! My grandparents were in town so just for fun we went bridal dress shopping. I’m the pickest person in the world when it comes to what I wear so I didn’t expect to find anything. I didn’t even know what I wanted my bridal gown to look like exactly. We went to our second bridal store. The store is literally right beside our apartment building. (so convienent!) I was trying on my third or so gown and when the lady helping me zipped it up and I saw myself in the mirror my face lighted up and all I could say was “WOW”. Everyone in the store loved it and I didn’t want to take it off! I felt like the most beautiful princess bride ever! We bought the dress that day, I can’t wait to put it on again.


Our evening ended in a nice dinner with my Fiance and some friends. It has been eventful year! I said yes to marrying my sweatheart, moved to a different state 12 hours away from my family, we got the most adorable pup, beat cancer, said yes to the dress and set a wedding date!




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