Puppy Day!

Puppy Day!

Lance and I picked out a puppy last Saturday. We completely FELL IN LOVE with him but couldn’t bring him home until he was 8 weeks old and had his first set of shots. I’ve been waiting for what feels like FOREVER for this day to go pick him up and bring him home.

The plan of this day was… It’s a Friday and Lance would get off work a little early to go to his Oral Surgery Consultation. (he has to get a wisdom tooth removed) After that he would come home to pick me up and then we would go get our puppy!

Lance and I were on the phone as he drove to his doctors appointment. He got to his appointment and he told me he would call me when he got finished. I was gathering all the things we needed to bring with us to get our puppy and waiting for Lance to call me to tell me he was on his way home. My phone rang showing that Lance was calling. I was so excited the time was getting closer! I answered and said “Are you on your way home?!” but it wasn’t lance on the other end, it was a nurse! She said “Lance has fainted and we need you to come pick him up”. Yes, He completely fainted at the thought of having his wisdom tooth removed! Bless his heart. After I picked him up and made sure he was ok we were back on track to get our puppy! I drove us on the way there (I wanted to give Lance more time to recover lol) and Lance drove us on the way back so I could hold our puppy on the way home!


We are loving our new addiction!


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